Маленькие частные сады

Описание: The evolution of the urban context over the last decades has made it increasingly difficult to find space for a garden within large cities. As a result, designers are obliged to find strategical and elaborate solutions to make the most of limited surface areas, marking a radical shift in traditional landscape architecture. «Small Private Gardens» presents 136 pages with over 140 images of some of the most recent and interesting small private garden spaces around the world that employ innovative layout concepts and creative decoration ideas that serve as an inspiration to those interested in design and owners of small gardens. Increasing density in our cities has made it very difficult to find space for gardens. However even a small outdoor space can be made to seem far more roomy. This compilation gathers the best examples of the way garden designers use strategic solutions to optimize space. There are many inspiring examples of how even the tiniest patch can be made to feel more open and expansive.
Год издания: 2010
Издательство: te Neues
Издаваемая серия:
Наличие: Ожидается

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